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Irish legends, a mini project by the 6th class students

The 6th class students did an Irish legend titled Finn MacCool. That legends was an inspiration for the mini project they did afterwards. Each of them had to choose one Irish legend and retell it to the rest of the class and the teacher. Since Ireland is famous for its folklore and legends (among many other things), they had a pile of beautiful legends to choose from. They chose The legend of King Lir, Pooka, Banshee, Hero Cuchulainn, The legend of an owl and The legend of the harp.They had to visually present the chosen legend which they did in a form of a comic, or a booklet or even a mini posters. So, they had their own visual aids. The mini project was based on that and their presentation skills. They were a bit nervous because it's not easy to stand in front of the class and retell anything in English.

But they did it!

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HUPE newsletter No.24 about our school projects Vijest ima dokument u privitku

If you want to know more about the first Moravice cartoon Sky fliers done by the 8th class of the school year 2018./2019. or you are interested in finding out more on the second set of Moravice postcards titled Four seasons of Moravice, take a look at the HUPE newsletter No.24, the official newsletter of the Croatian Association of the teachers of English.

Enjoy your reading!

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Pogled kroz prozor brings a sweet reminder of the great generation

If you want to know more about the first Moravice cartoon Sky fliers done by the 8th class of the school year 2018./2019., take a look at the article published on the Pogled kroz prozor online platform.

Enjoy your reading!

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Happy Thanksgiving Day! Vijest ima dokument u privitku

If you are interested in finding out more about Thanksgiving and doing some fun activities, take a look at the attachment below and have a lot of Thanksgiving fun!

A very special thank you goes to teacher Gracijela Orobabić from Primary school Gornja Vežica who shared these activities with her colleagues at the HUPE meeting in September!

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Project day 2019: Did you know? Vijest ima dokument u privitku

On Thursday, 14 November 2019 the project day titled Did you know was held in the branch school in Moravice. All the students took part in the project within which some of them did research assignments while some expressed themselves artistically. Some introduced trivia regarding the world languages while others presented pointillism as well as the art of famous Croatian painter Vladimir Varlaj. The students also studied the human body and gave an interesting insight into the mystery of the human body or how things work. The English group (Ozren Mrvoš, Božana Gvero, Dajana Jakšić, Dina Marković & Darin Goršić) did research on ten extraordinary Croatian women whose names are written in the Croatian history in the fields of literature, sports, art, and science. They did the research on Marija Jurić Zagorka, Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić, Ruža Pospiš Baldani, Mia Čorak Slavenska, Janica Kostelić, Dora Maar, Dora Pejačević, Zlata Bartl, Slava Raškaj and Đurđa Bjedov. After finding out about those women, they wrote down several mist important facts about them which they later translated into English. They used the collected information to create the PowerPoint quiz which you may find attached to this article. Other students competed in the quiz in which 3 groups of 4 students took part. After the quiz, each student got a specially made certificate and all the group members got a sweet goodie bag as a prize.

Parents also came to enjoy in their children's presentations. All in all, there were 78 of us there learning something new and supporting each other.

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Meeting poets and writers

On October 15 our school became a centre for literature. Five poets and writers came to our little school within the 8th international literary encounters 'Od mora do gora' sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the Primorje-Gorski kotar county. The encounter was organised by the ethno association Prepelin'c from Delnice. Our pupils met Božica Jelušić, Vjekoslava Jurdana, Zlatko Krilić, Aleksandar Horvat and Davor Grgurić. They read parts from their books of prose and poetry. Our pupils got the chance to listen to the poets reading their verses in the Kajkavian and Cakavian dialects of their mother tongue which was quite a refreshment.

Our pupils enjoyed meeting literary celebrities very much.

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A mini project by the 5th graders: A new computer game Vijest ima dokument u privitku

The 5th class pupils got an assignment to invent/create and design their own computer game since the family from their textbook is full of interesting jobs and hobbies (one of them being game development). Their assignment was to design the logo, name the game, name the characters in the game, describe the game in details as well as to state who is the target audience. They presented their game to the rest of the class and the teacher and they had to be careful about many things such as the eye contact, clarity and loudness, the use of the target vocabulary as well as the correct grammatical structures. The pupils themselves assessed the computer games by using a sheet of paper with earlier defined rubrics which you can find attached to this piece of news.

They did an amazing job and got high marks from their peers as well as the teacher.

Thumb up!

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Welcome back!

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Skolski portal by Skolska knjiga about Four Seasons of Moravice  :: opširnije :: 

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Skolski portal brings news about Sky fliers

You can read about Sky fliers on Skolski portal by Skolska knjiga. Thank you for recognizing the value of our cartoon and making it available to many people around the country.  

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Novi list about Four Seasons of Moravice

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Four Seasons of Moravice became reality!

On Monday 1 July 2019 the second set of postcards was presented to the public. The set was inspired by the seasons in Moravice because Moravice is equally beautiful and breath-taking in every time of the year. The postcards are based on photographs by Natalija Dokmanović. The design and graphical editing were done by Nebojša Petrović while teacher Željka Vrcelj gave an inspiring review of Natalija's two former exhibitions that she mentored. Teacher Davorka Nekić moderated the whole promotion but also worked, together with Natalija and Nebojša, on the design of the postcards. They were printed by Grafis d.o.o. from Split and they added a white border around them which may symbolize the whitene4ss of the Moravice snow or the clarity of the Dobra river. Natalija had a little help during her presentations. Four little season fairies helped her -  Ana Lešnjaković from Class 2, Lorena Soldat from Class 2, Tamara Kljaić from Class 3 and Petra Rebić, also from Class 3.

If you are interested in the postcards, feel free to come to Nikola Tesla Branch school in Moravice. The postcards will be waiting for you! But hurry! There are less and less of them each day. :-)


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Novi list on Sky fliers Vijest ima dokument u privitku

Novi list reports on Sky fliers so if you are interested, find the article attached to the news and read it.

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Cartoon Sky fliers promotion - Đuro meets Luca!

On June 26, 2019 Sky fliers cartoon became reality! The 8th class pupils David Ćelam, Ivan Dokmanović, Ema Konjević, Ema Lešnjaković, Luka Majetić, Stefan Nikšić, Teodor Ninković, Sretan Vučinić, Filip Šterle and Damian Vučković together with their ICT teacher Anamarija Diklić and their English teacher Davorka Nekić promoted the cartoon about Đuro the Seagull and his sweetheart Luca. The cartoon is based on a picturebook Đuro the Seagull by Vanja Vučinić and all the original characters appear in the cartoon together with a new character - Luca.

Beside the cartoon, there were printed screenplays, badges with the front cover of the screenplay as well as chocolate with the same cover.

If you are interested in watching the bilingual cartoon made by pupils from a little school from Moravice, click on the following link and have fun watching Sky fliers!


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Four Seasons of Moravice postcards promotion - July 1, 2019 at 3 pm

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Cartoon Sky fliers promotion - June 26, 2019 at 3 pm

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Taking part in the Language magic manifestation

On Friday, 24th May 2019 the five pupils from the Nikola Tesla Branh School Moravice participated in the manifestation Language magic ( or in Croatian Jezična čarolija). The goal of the manifestation was to highlight the importance of the foreign language taught at our school (English, German, Russian, Slovenian) so the pupils from both our school (Moravice, Vrbovsko, Severin na Kupi, Lukovdol, Veliki Jadrč and Gomirje) as well as Primary school Dr Branimir Markovic from Ravna Gora and Primary school Vinica from Vinica (Sovenia) presented themelves in all the lanaguages mentioned. There were plays, recitations, dancing, singing, TPR and much more. The pupils from Moravice read their poems about the river. Why are their poems so special? It's because they are the authors. Yes, that's right! They themselves wrote the poems and then they translated them into English. So, to be honest, we can call them the genuine poets! They are Aleksandra Ninković (5th class), Ozren Mrvoš (6th class), Maja Milošević (7th class), Ema Konjević (8th class) and Ema Lešnjaković (8th class).

Congratulations to all the participants but... 

a very special Thank you goes to my Magnificiant Five. heart

Thank you for putting up with me and my funny ideas! Thank you for writing those amazing poems....and for every draft you needed to do to achieve the excellence...Thank you for every zero period you came early just to read the poems...over and over again...Thank you for being as wonderful as you are! I'm so very proud of you all!


Special thank you goes to teacher Valentina Vukadinović who allowed us to use her original photograhs of the Dobra river taken in the Kamačnik canyon.

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The School Bell No. 7 is out! Vijest ima dokument u privitku

Dear all,

if you are interested in reading what the students of the Nikola Tesla Branch school from Moravice did this school year, you may do so by reading a school magazine in English.

You'll find it in the attachment below.

Enjoy reading!

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Field trip to Šibenik

On May 3rd, 2019 the pupils from classes 5,6 and 7 went on a field trip to Dalmatia, more precisely to the City of Šibenik. Before going to the city, they visited the near-by Falcon Centre where they enjoyed an educational and interesting lecture on owls and falcons. They even got a chance to hold a falcon and feed him as well as to cuddle with an owl. After the lecture, they exhibited all the animals in the shelter. Afterwards, they visited the City of Šibenik where they saw the famous Šibenik Cathedral, the square where the Šibenik Children Festival takes place every year, the Church Museum, and so on. They took a stroll up and down the famous narrow street of the old part of the City of Šibenik. Of course, they took lots of selfies and even more beautiful memories.

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Project Day 2019

The topis of the Project Day 2019 was the river. Although it referred to the river Kupa, my students said that they have nothing to do with the river Kupa but with the river Dobra. So they decided to write poems about the river in general and then translate them into English.

They did an amazing job. Read their poetry and enjoy!






Rijeka je voda što utire svoj put,

živahna i stalno vijugava.

Predivan je ukras prirode,

odraz i sreće i tuge.

Prijatelji su joj šume i livade,

leptiri, ribe, drveće i cvijeće.


Po cijele dane ona žubori:

„Bez mene nema sreće prirodi!“







A river is a water which paves its own path,

Lively and constantly winding.

The most beautiful nature's ornament,

An echo of happiness and sorrow.

Its friends are forests and meadows.

Butterflies, fish, trees and flowers.



Every day it purls:

'Without me there is no nature's happiness!'



Aleksandra Ninković, 5th class





Gledam rijeku.

Zamišljam joj izvor i put.

Razmišljam što sve krije u svojim valovima.

Tko koristi njeno dno za svoj dom.


Za mene rijeka je nevolja...

Kad u nju odleti lopta usred utakmice.


Za mene rijeka je osvježenje...

Kada ljeti tražim spas od vrućine.


Tako malo znam o rijeci.

A želio bih znati

koga spaja, a koga razdvaja.

Gdje počinje, a gdje završava.

Ne znam puno...

Ali, jedno znam –

Gdje je rijeka, tu je moj zavičaj.






I'm watching the river.

I'm imagining its spring and its path.


I'm thinking...what is it hidden in its waves,

Who call its riverbed the home.


For me, the river means trouble...

When a football falls in it during the match.


For me, the river means refreshment

When I seek a shelter from the summer heat.


I know very little about the river.

But I would like to know

Whom it connects and whom it parts.

Where it begins and where it ends.


I don't know much about the river

But I know one thing –

Where the river flows, my home is near.



Ozren Mrvoš, 6th class







Moja rijeka je

poput sunca što se sjaji.


Moja rijeka utire svoj put

podno gorostasnih planina.


U svakome od nas žubori

rijeka čuda.


Moja se skriva u mom srcu.

Stidljivo proviri tu i tamo.


Ali, ondje je uvijek.


U njoj se moja tišina oslikava.








My river is

Like the shining sun.


My river paves its path

Down the glorious mountains.


In each of us

Purls the river of wonders.


Mine is hidden within my heart.

Timidly it peeks here and there.


But, it is ever present.


In it my silence is painted.



Maja Milošević, 7th class








Često jutrom, kada sunce svane,

osluškujem žubor rijeke sa strane.

Nježnim me tokom

Poput proljetne kiše doziva.

I budi mi najljepše uspomene

sreće, ljubavi i mira.

Dok gledam u njene dubine,

sjećam titraj u svakoj kapi

koja za mojim osmjehom vapi.






Often in the morning, when the first dawn breaks,

I listen to the purling of the near-by river.

With its gentle flow

it calls me like a spring shower.

And it evokes the sweetest memories of

happiness, love and peace.

While I gaze at its depth,

I feel a flicker in every drop

which begs for my smile.



Ema Lešnjaković, 8th class









Sanjah život u vodi.

Proživjeh bezbroj istih.


Suncem obasjano srce.

Mjesecom okupana duša.


Svaka priča –

Jedna sudbina.


Svaka kap –

Jedna rijeka.


Jedna rijeka –

Jedan život.


Kap. Rijeka. Život.






I dreamt a life in the water.

I lived a myriad of the same.


My heart sunbathed.

My soul moonlit.


Every story –

One destiny.


Every single drop –

One river.


One river –

One life.


A drop. A river. Life.




Ema Konjević, 8th class

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Happy International Women's Day

To all the women out there, a very happy International Women's Day! May all your days, not just this one, be filled with joy, laughter and good vibrations!

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A school trip to the Plitvice Lakes

On 7 October we visited one of Crotian national parks which is also the oldest one. We had a lot of fun on the way well as on the way home...At first the weather was cloudy but it wasn't raining. However, our luck didn't last...During the second half of our sightseeing the rain started...and we hurried to the bus...Some of us got wet more than others.

Despite the weather we had the best time ever!


P.S. It was also our teacher's birthday and our present to her was a folk song wishing her to live until she's 105 and then all over again!laugh


6th class, Moravice


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Schöne Ferien euch allen!
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Schöne Ferien euch allen!
  Ich wünsche euch  allen von ganzem Herzen schöne und erholsame Sommerferien und bedanken mich für die tolle Zusammenarbeit im vergangenen Schuljahr. Ihr habt gemeinsam viel erreicht, seid viele Projekte angegangen, habt Vieles  gemeinsam erlebt. Jetzt ist es Zeit für ein wenig Erholung.  

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Učenici 4. razreda su uspješno zaključili još jedan e-twinning projekt koji se je provodio  i u vrijeme pandemije te su se zadaci prilagođavali mogućnostima učenika i učitelja .   Volimo eTwinning. Jer to je mjesto susreta mnogih učitelja i učenika. Ovo iskustvo nam je puno dalo -nove informacije, prijateljstva, zabavu. Cilj projekta je bio proslava dana eTwinninga 9. svibnja. Unatoč pandemiji , učenici su imali priliku na kreativan način opisati svoj život u izolaciji, zamišljati život nakon pandemije i povratak u školu. Izradile su se digitalne knjige s učeničkim radovima, pjesmama, ilustracijama. Provedene su video konferencije u kojima su se slale pozitivne poruke na jezicima sudionika u projektu. Zahvaljujemo se svim sudionicima, a bilo ih je iz: Turske, Moldavije, Češke, Poljske, Portugala, Srbije, Italije, Albanije i Slovačke.  

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Schwangtuch im Fremdsprachenunterricht
Als Lehrerin für  Deutsch als Fremdsprache versuche ich immer den Unterricht , mit spielerischen Elementen für die Schüler interessanter gestalten. Dabei sollte das Spielen allerdings nicht um des Spielen Willens geschehen, sondern auch einen didaktischen Zweck erfüllen.Man kann verschiedene Themen bearbeiten und wir haben heute die Themen: Schulsachen, Kleidung und Jahreszeiten -Monate spielerisch geübt. Den Schülerinnen hat es wirklich Spaß gemacht. Leider hat es draußen geregnet und das Spiel haben wir dann im Klassenzimmer organisiert. Für uns war es kein Problem         

05.06.2020. 16:46
Primjer dobre prakse-Innovativer Unterricht-Digitaler Unterricht
Unter dem Link sind interaktive Übungen und Materialien für das Thema : Mein Tagesablauf. Na linku  se nalaze interaktivne vježbe i materijali na temu: Moje svakodnevne aktivnosti.

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Forschungsaufgabe/Istraživačko učenje-primjer iz prakse-8.razred/8 Klasse
Kako bi učenici mogli aktivno učiti, odlučila sam se za jedan istraživački zadatak pomoću kojeg će učenici kroz metode, alate i suradnju s drugim učenicima doći do odgovora te će moći argumentirati svoje stavove. Tema su socijalne mreže i internet. Primjer se nalazi u prilogu.    Damit die Schüler aktiver lernen können, habe ich mich für eine Forschungsaufgabe entschieden, durch die die Schüler durch Methoden, Werkzeuge und die Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Schülern eine detaillierte Antwort finden und ihre Ansichten diskutieren können. Das Thema ist soziale Netzwerke und das Internet. Ein Beispiel ist beigefügt. Photo by fauxels from Pexels

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